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My Name is Adekunle Ajayi, I am an internet entrepreneur. Before I became rich, I was working in a private school as their mathematics and computer science teacher in a school at Ikorodu Lagos where I was paid 80,000 monthly after working like a tractor tilling 50 acres of land every day.

As the firstborn with two siblings behind me and the distance I had to cover between my home and school every day coupled with the unpredictable Lagos transport fee and the hike in fuel,
trust me, life was hell for me and unbearable

My story changed when a friend drove by and saw me walking along the street, he pulled over and was surprised to see me. This guy I used to feed him back then in school. I rented a two-bedroom flat with one of my course mate and this guy will stay with us. I feed him for 3 sessions back in school which was 2 years and 4 months. He is the one that was my God sent just as I am about to be to you today, with him, I learn a business model that paid off a debt of over 800,0000 within 4 weeks.

I owed this debt because I registered a business name:

I employed 4 people and was paying them from a loan I manage to get from a Microfinance bank. After 4 months, the business collapsed and life was a living hell…I had to run into hiding, but my debt was my fear during the day and my nightmare when I sleep.

Through him, I learn how to create digital products, get high-paying clients, get jobs on Fiverr and Upwork and so much more.

Now, I have a course where I teach people and I get paid $500 for every person who enrolls in my course. I call the course CashBank, the road to Passive Income Lifestyle.

How am I able to do all these?

Well, my target is to focus on the US, Canada, Dubai, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia. So, changing that amount is nothing and the value of the course permits me to. It’s why my Paypal Balance is this:

Here is a Proven way to make $$$$ every month from the comfort of your HOME. If you have been surfing the internet, watching several Youtube videos even subscribing to their channels, yet you are making no progress…this is for you and it is your rest.

From now on, you no longer have to be among those who are denied internet money that is a big flex due to reasons they know nothing about…

I see several people who tried several online businesses and yet they make no income talkless of profit after burning gigabytes of internet data reading all manners of articles, and watching all forms of videos (both paid and free). Some even spent their hard-earned money buying expensive courses, trying business models like affiliate marketing, Amazon KDP, Drop Shipping, and many more but are yet to see any income hitting their account.

But now, the story is about to change for you. Here is a game changer for you…this is what you have been looking for.

In this course, you are not just learning business models, you are learning everything it takes to make money online.

As a means of helping people during these hard times in Nigeria, I will be giving out my secret which I have packaged at a ridiculous discount. If this will stop you from collecting money and V0te against your conscience because of money that can’t buy a complete food package in restaurants that ill-fated rulers marauding as leaders will pay you.

This course and the book cost $600 which is more than 400,000 naira depending on the transfer rate, I am going to give it out for a cheap price. You are not paying 50,000 Naira for this. You are paying a very cheap price that you can afford. Are you ready to change your story?

What if it does not work for me you ask? I have you covered but I need you to stop that negative mindset. I will be mentoring you even as an individual.

This is why I only need 50 people to register for this course so as to make it easy to mentor them for 3 months though which you would have made over 3,000,000 Naira if you are diligent.

I will take you by my hand and mentor you myself through a series of workshops.

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